Women and Crime

The changes and patterns with women and crime has been massive lately.  Women currently account for almost a quarter of all arrests.  This is up from 14 percent in the early 1980’s. Arrest rates for violent offenses have increased among women between 1980 &  2016: felony violent arrest rates declined 37 percent for men but increased 62 percent for women, while misdemeanor assault and battery arrest rates declined 25 percent for men but increased 67 percent for women.

It’s unknown why more women are being arrested.  It could be that more of their crimes are being reported as the new generation see women as more equal in rights and culpability.  In light of police brutality and unfairness of arrests for minorities, officers may also be forced to look at all parties equally rather than assume women are automatically the victim.  Such approaches to policing will obviously create more situations where the woman may have been the culprit or suspect.  

For me personally, majority of my spousal battery or domestic violence clients are female.  Most have been victimized in the past.  Most are tired of being victimized.  Unfortunately, they either take the wrong approach to defending themselves or their story is not accepted.  This happens when whomever calls the police first seem more credible.  This is why it’s important to have an attorney who will thoroughly inspect all of the evidence, police report and witnesses.  

Regardless of who is arrested, it’s important to know your constitutional rights.  It’s important to seek legal counsel immediately not give law enforcement anymore information than you may have already.  

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