Wais Azami, Esq.


  • Juris Doctorate; California Southern Law School
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice; CSUF (California State University at Fullerton)
  • Associate of Arts; Cypress College

Blue-collar fight with a white-collar style...

As an attorney, I offer strong yet affordable representation to the people of Orange County and surrounding areas with criminal defense and family law matters.  Think of me as a public servant who works privately for you.  I understand your situation.  

I'm an immigrant. I was poor as a child. I had to start working at age 14 so I could help my family.  Like most people in society, I'm a victim of our divorce culture and understand its pain and difficulties.  I've also had friends who made mistakes and I saw how the authorities violated their rights because they knew they could get away with it.  I've seen war and medical procedures.  I've had all kinds of battles in life. Yet I've never given up on myself nor others.  As a kid, I vowed to become a champion of my community.  I dreamt of becoming an attorney and coming back to help as many people as possible.  Now I do exactly that, daily

As a passionate and persuasive speaker, I can aggressively advocate for you.  I attended law school specifically to become a defense attorney.  I strongly believe that every person is innocent until proven otherwise.  Even if someone is not innocent, it does not mean the police or government can violate their Constitutional rights.  Two wrongs do not make a right.  This is what makes us Americans--we have rights! It's my duty to insure that never changes. 

In my opinion, a defender of Constitutional rights stays true to the cause by never having changed "sides." Experience is experience, regardless of how you obtain it. However, how will loyalty be proven? 

I have been in the trenches helping the average person for many years in various capacities.  I have assisted indigent people with civil matters, family/divorce matters, criminal matters and immigration matters at several different organizations; San Bernardino Legal Aid Society, Inland Empire Latino Lawyers Association, and at different public defender offices. I continue to volunteer with such organizations in addition to running my law practice.

My experiences have carved me into an understanding, passionate and aggressive advocate for you.  I invite you to come in and speak with me--all you'll lose is an hour, but you just may gain your freedom. 

Affordable and Fast Legal Help:

  • Free Consultations For Criminal Matters
  • Attorney serves both Orange County and the Inland Empire
  • Same day appointment available!
  • Quick response: I return calls within 2 hours.  Usually, I respond immediately.
  • You will get a mature, aggressive, and reliable  attorney.  

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