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Wais Azami is one of the best criminal defense attorney in Orange County , he fight for his community’s rights. Best criminal lawyer in OC.

I fight for my community’s rights when they have been either injured or charged with a crime.  This means I will help defend your rights to receive compensation for your injuries due to an accident.  In addition, I will represent you against criminal charges or assist with cleaning your criminal record. 

As one of the best SoCal criminal defense attorneys in Orange County, based on my REVIEWS, I offer strong yet affordable representation to the people of Orange County, LA County, Inland Empire and the surrounding areas. While I don’t promise case outcomes, my recent case RESULTS speak for themselves. A lot of my clients have been charged with crimes far worse than what truly occurred.  Some are falsely accused altogether, usually by the alleged victim.  Most of my clients have family and/or immigration issues which a criminal charge would complicate further. It takes an understanding attorney who realizes the consequences of criminal charges against immigrants to adequately prepare for a strong defense.  Such understanding comes from life experiences.  My childhood taught me three things; people matter, fight like your life depends on it, and persistence is all you need to defeat anything thrown at you.  

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