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Resources/Info Affordable Criminal Lawyer in Orange County Auto Accident Looking for Experienced criminal lawyer in Local Courts?? Wais Azami is one of the best criminal defense Lawyer in OC for Local Court. Garden Grove DUI lawyer Consultations Fatal Accident Garden Grove DUI lawyer in OC Anti Spam Understanding Insurance Additional Information
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Affordable Criminal Lawyer in Orange County

Flat/Fixed Fees

Law Office of Wais Azami will take away the stress of future surprise bills by offering flat or fixed fees.  We also offer payment arrangements under certain circumstances.  The last thing you want after facing a criminal accusation is worrying about the affordability of a defense.  We are transparent from the start.  All fees and potential charges will be discussed in advance and will need your agreement.Affordable Criminal Lawyer OC

Many attorneys increase their rates to pay for large offices, expensive staff, and a luxurious lifestyle.  Call me to discuss how I’m different.

Best OC Criminal Defense

The strength of your defense will be determined by the details of your case AND the amount of time your attorney has to prepare your defense.  You must allow sufficient time for your criminal lawyer to assess your case, research the best course of action, hire and interview potential expert witnesses, contact witnesses, order reports, and implement a powerful defense.  No two cases are alike–don’t assume what happened with someone else in a similar situation will be the same result for you. The Law Office of Wais Azami can assess your case whether you are in Orange County, CA, or the Inland Empire area.  As a result, you must not delay. Call a top-rated attorney today for a convenient appointment to help protect your rights.  (714) 321-9999  I assist with misdemeanors, felonies, warrants, and expungements, or any other criminal defense matters..Affordable Criminal Lawyer OC

Crimes & Consequences

Everyone wants a cheap criminal lawyer, but some cases aren’t that simple and may require more work–it’s better to have an affordable attorney than a cheap one. While misdemeanors are minor offenses compared to felonies, they can still have devastating effects on your life. Examples of areas they may affect are:

  • Incarceration/Your Freedom
  • Driving Privileges
  • Immigration Status
  • Social consequences from curious people surfing the public information portals
  • Criminal Records
  • Employment
  • And much more…

Your Action Plan:

  • Find an OC criminal attorney who will be local.
  • Find a criminal lawyer who is available when you need him/her.
  • Meet with that criminal attorney.
  • Make sure that the criminal lawyer believes in your case.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable with that criminal attorney–trust your instincts!
  • Don’t delay in starting your representation.  We are conveniently located auto Westminster Court, Santa Ana Court, and Fullerton Court.

Here are answers to common questions about legal fees: 

How much does a good criminal lawyer cost?

This is a great question.  It all depends on how you define “good criminal lawyer.”  Is the lawyer charging you for a fancy office, multiple employees, and his newest car?  Is he/she charging you for their huge student loans and large mortgage payments?  Generally, a conscientious and experienced criminal defense attorney will charge as much as necessary to do a great job without sacrificing any attention to detail.  It’ll also depend on whether it’s a single charge or multiple charges. Also, it matters whether the charge is a misdemeanor, a felony, or complicated with a probation violation of a previous conviction. Lastly, it also depends on your geographic location. Attorneys in metro areas or big cities tend to have higher fees than very desolate or rural areas.   That’s because office lease tends to be more expensive in metropolitan areas, along with insurance and advertising.Affordable Criminal Lawyer OC.

However, a conscientious attorney like Wais Azami will control their overhead to make the fees more affordable for hardworking clients.  Attorney Azami uses cloud-based software to reduce the need for additional employees, maintains an impeccable record to reduce insurance costs, and has office space for utility rather than showing-off.  All of this translates to lower overhead cost, and as a result, lower defense fees for the client.

How much is a lawyer for misdemeanor charges?

The most simple first-time misdemeanor defenses of a single charge will be starting at $2500-3,500.  While misdemeanors are minor charges, they may carry heavy consequences.  Looking for the cheapest criminal defense attorney may not be the best way to go when you consider the fact that a criminal record will potentially affect professional licenses, rental housing, mortgage loans, jobs, and of course, social situations in the day and age of people “Googling” everything and everyone.

How much does a felony lawyer cost?

Felony defense can start at $5,000 and go on up to tens of thousands.  It all depends on the severity of the case, the amount of the charges, the amount of investigation needed, the number of witnesses, the types of evidence, the amount of legal research needed, the number of motions required, and the number of hearings necessary for a proper defense.  It’s not unheard of to see fees up to $50,000 to $150,000 for a murder trial.

How expensive is it to get a private lawyer instead of a public defender?

Public defenders are free because you have a right to a defense.  The biggest benefit of a public defender is that the investigation is part of their service, and it’s free.  However, like all free things, there is a huge need for it.  This means less time to deal with every single case properly.  The investigators are just as overworked as the attorneys.  While they are extremely good at what they do and are very experienced, they simply don’t have all of the time they would like.

Private attorneys are paid by the client or his/her family, not by the taxpayers  Thus, it’s expensive.  However, private attorneys take fewer cases.  They have more time to look over every detail of your case and do it well in advance of your court date rather than the day of the court date.  Conscientious private attorneys also take only enough cases so that each case gets the best possible defense.  Wais Azami cares more for his reputation and results.

Are expensive criminal lawyers worth it?

You will have to ask yourself why one attorney is charging more than the other.  If both attorneys have similar reviews and success, but one has a nicer office space, expensive car, high mortgage payments, high school loan payments, and toys like boats, then you know why they are charging more.  Sometimes an attorney who doesn’t charge enough is because their customer service is lacking, their reviews show that fact, and they are brand new attorneys from law school.  When you compare fees, make sure you look at all of the details.

If I hire the most expensive lawyer, will they get my charges dismissed?

No! It’s against ethical rules for any attorney to promise or predict results.  It’s also false advertising.  The only way you can be comfortable that you are in good hands is by talking to several attorneys, researching if they have any complaints against them, and then trusting your instincts. Referrals help but they also are no guarantee.

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