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Bus Accident Attorney

Wais Azami is one of the Best Bus Accident lawyer in Orange Country he fight for his community’s rights. Best criminal lawyer in OC.

Bus accident could involve the following scenarios:
  • Bus hitting a pedestrian 
  • Bus hitting a vehicle or motorcycle 
  • Bus hitting a stationary object or structure
  • Bus rolling over or falling off of a cliff 
  • Bus hitting a ditch from driver falling asleep

There are also various types of buses which are covered by different forms of insurance:

  • School Bus
  • Public Transit
  • Private Shuttles or Chartered Shuttles
  • Hotel/Casino Buses
  • Party Buses
  • Commercial Transportation like Greyhound 

Why are bus accidents very serious?

Busses can weigh several times more than a vehicle and can cause catastrophic damages in a collision.  They are harder to stop and harder to maneuver quickly to avoid accidents.  The driver often has less visibility than in normal vehicles. The driver needs special training and must take extra precautions as compared to driving a normal car.  If a pedestrian is hit but a bus, often the injuries or either fatal or lifelong. Further, buses usually don’t have seatbelts and occupants can get tossed around during an accident or a rollover.  Such a situation can cause all kinds of injuries to occupants. Bus Accident Attorney

What should I do if I was in a bus accident?

1) You must seek medical attention to prevent worsening of your injuries.  Waiting too long can make it seem as though you truly weren’t injured.  Let a doctor determine that.  If you need assistance finding a doctor, we can help find a few who would help you until you recover damages from the party at fault.  

2) You should also call a personal injury attorney such as Wais Azami to determine who was at fault and how much Insurance coverage they may have to pay for your injuries.  Remember, Bus Accident Attorney Azami, does not charge for consultations or representation.  (714) 321-9999

How do I find out who was at fault in a bus accident?

Call our office for a free consultation.  We will have our highly-experienced investigators working immediately after you have hired us.  They will track down witnesses, security videos, surveillance pictures and police reports.  Our representation is on contingency.  This means you don’t pay unless we recover for your damage. 

How can I find witnesses after a bus accident?

That’s where our investigators come to the rescue. They all have been former law enforcement and are extremely good at what they do, investigate and find information which could help in your representation.  

Call Law Office of Wais Azami: 24/7 (714) 321-9999

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