Do I have to talk to the police? Know your rights

There are only 3 things you have to say to the police; your name, your date of birth and ask for an attorney.  That’s it!  Know your rights! The hardest task of an attorney is not to speak for you but to undo what you said already.  That translates to bad results for you and more of an expensive defense. Know your rights!…

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Women and Crime

The changes and patterns with women and crime has been massive lately.  Women currently account for almost a quarter of all arrests.  This is up from 14 percent in the early 1980’s. Arrest rates for violent offenses have increased among women between 1980 &  2016: felony violent arrest rates declined 37 percent for men but increased 62 percent for women,…

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What is a Brady Motion

Brady was a court case which caused the ruling for which there is now a motion, the Brady motion.  Any material that helps the defense attack the reliability, thoroughness, or good faith of the police investigation is discoverable under Brady. This is a terrific tool for prying loose police reports that show inconsistent behavior or statements by police, incompetence or…

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Should I Get a Public Defender

Most people with limited income or resources are forced to accept a court-appointed attorney, the public defender.  They often have myriad of questions such as whether public defenders are real attorneys with real bar licenses, were they not able to get other jobs, or are they merely paralegals or law students.   Public defenders are not only real attorneys, but…

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Do clients have any authority when an attorney is hired?

Who makes what decisions when an attorney is hired?  Do clients have any authority over certain things? Are attorneys permitted to run the whole game to the end?   Both the Client and Attorney have authority over certain decisions.  However, each one has different areas which they can control.  Let’s look at each: Authority of a Client/Defendant:  The defendant retains…

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How to choose a criminal defense attorney? 

There are so many things to consider when hiring a criminal defense attorney, but in my opinion, and in the opinion of many other attorneys, the very best attorneys are the ones who care the most.  It’s as simple as that.  But you’re screaming, “What about their school and experience…?!”  Yes, they are all factors but I don’t think they matter…

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How to avoid an arrest

Lots of people want to know how to avoid an arrest but criminal law is not about teaching someone how to commit a crime.  It’s about knowing your rights and being smart in order to protect them.  Once that fails, it’s time to call one of the best SoCal criminal defense attorneys. Common Sense I’m not trying to help you commit…

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How does bail work? 

How do I bail out? How does bail work, When someone is arrested, they are immediately taken to jail.  But courts don’t work 24/7 so the defendant (person arrested) has to wait until the next day the court is open to be arraigned–that’s when the defendant pleads “not guilty” or “guilty.”  It’s advisable to have the right attorney before your arraignment.…

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Will a DUI arrest affect my immigration status?

A conviction for a VC 23152 or 23153 (DUI), can have immigration consequences, depending on the individual’s status. The conviction can be a damaging factor in discretionary decisions, including whether the person will be released from immigration detention on bond, or found to be of good moral character. It usually is a bar to Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).…

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