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Consultation Fee Waived If Attorney Is Hired

Law Office of Wais Azami in Santa Ana and Seal Beach within Orange County, CA  offers consultations 24/7 by calling (714) 321-9999.  One of the biggest part of the consultation is to see your overall exposure and determine if any bigger issues may arise, such as immigration issues.  Not all consultations are the same--those attorneys who don't value their time or skills, will offer it for free.  

I believe my education, skills and training provide my clients with value.   There is a reason why I have been able to obtain the great results thus far and consistently receive 5-stars on reviews

Your consultations are part of the fee.  I don't charge extra for the consultation, if I'm hired.   However, for those who want information but are not ready to hire me as of yet, I believe the information I provide those people from my experiences, training and education is enough to create value for the nominal fee charged for the consultation.  Call now to make an appointment; (714) 321-9999.  

Why don't I provide free consults without being hired? There's nothing more expensive than "free."

I think anything with true value has a cost.  If it has no value, it may not help you.  For example, a free couch on the curb is free for a reason; overall cost of removing the flees, stains and any repairs will be more than a new couch in a store.  A $200 leftover dinner in the trash is free for for similar reasons.   On-line information is free because it's not always accurate or up-to-date.  That's why you are searching for an attorney.  Anything with good value is rarely free.  

Thus, if it's free, are you really expecting any benefits?  If consultations were truly free, would the attorney ever have time to do any work with hundreds of people at his door only for the free information?  Don't be fooled by advertisement gimmicks.  

Many attorneys dangle "free consultations" on advertisements like car dealerships advertise, "Free test-drives."  We all know that after the free ride, the experience becomes a pressure-packed sales job.   You're in need of an attorney because you're facing serious charges.  You're not shopping for an attorney because it would be cool to have a retained attorney.  If you value your freedom and rights, it's important to find an attorney who values his/her education, training, skills and experience.  

I am concerned more in providing you valuable information for your case than to pressure you to hire me.  I know my worth and my value to you.  My education, training and experience are my commodities.  I don't sell products.  My legal skills and information are my products and I think it's worth more than the free information being given by those ready to scare you into hiring them.  

Be smart.  Do your research.  Retain the control of who you should hire without pressure.  Get the value you deserve, not just because it's free.  Law Office of Wais Azami consistently ranks high and has one of the best reviews as a criminal defense attorney in Orange County, CA within the cities of Santa Ana and Seal Beach.  

We also provide a flat-fee service for most cases.  This way, you know exactly what your costs will be from the start.  No one likes surprises and we stay as transparent as possible. 

Call for a same-day appointment; (714) 321-9999. 

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