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Typical Misdemeanor & Felony Charges

Penal Codes, Health & Safety Codes, and Vehicle Codes

Arson P.C. 451, 452

Assault P.C. 240, 245

Assault with a deadly weapon P.C. 245(a)(1)

Battery P.C.  242

Burglary P.C. 459

Car theft P.C. 487(d)(1)

Child endangerment P.C. 273(a)(1), 273ab2

Commercial burglary P.C. 459

Criminal threats P.C. 422

Disturbing the peace P.C. 415

Domestic battery P.C. 243(e)(1)

Domestic violence P.C. 273.5

Driving on a suspended license V.C. 14601.1

Driving under the influence 23152(a) VC, 23152(b) VC

Driving without a license 12500VC

Drunk and Disorderly P.C. 647f

Embezzlement P.C. 503

Grand theft auto P.C. 487(d)(1)

Grand theft P.C. 487

Hit and Run, VC 20002 (a)

Indecent exposure P.C. 314

Kidnapping for Ransom, P.C. 209

Kidnapping P.C. 207

Lewd Conduct P.C. 647(a)

Loitering P.C. 647(h)

Manslaughter, P.C. 192

Murder, P.C. 187

Obstruction of justice P.C. 148, 146e

Petty theft P.C. 484(a), 488

Possession of controlled substance HS 11350(a)

Prostitution P.C. 647(b)

Public intoxication P.C. 647(f)

Rape P.C. 261

Receiving stolen property P.C. 496, 496(a)(1)

Reckless driving P.C. 23103, 23105, 23105

Residential burglary P.C. 459

Resisting arrest P.C. 148(a)

Robbery, Penal Code 211, 215

Second degree burglary P.C. 459

Sexual assault P.C. 243.4

Solicitation of prostitution P.C. 

Soliciting for an act of prostitution P.C. 647(b)

Theft P.C. 487, 488, 484(a)

Threats P.C. 422

Trespass P.C. 602

Vandalism/Malicious Mischief, P.C. 594

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Law Office of Wais Azami

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