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Mady Ten Recommends Wais Azami

I recently had the misfortune of having to hire a lawyer for my son. He was accused of a serious crime and was facing life. I knew that I had to hire an attorney that was really going to go to bat for my son. That’s exactly what I got when I hired Wais Azami. He was very attentive to my concerns and had the knowledge to address them. He was empathetic to my situation as a distraught mother. I told him my financial situation and he was willing to help me with his fee with a split payment plan which made it easier to hire him. He kept me very informed about any new revelations or changes in the case. He even came to my house to drop off papers to me at one point. I never had any trouble getting him on the phone. If he was unable to answer when I called he would text me to let me know when he would get back to me and then he always got back to me at that time. He spent countless hours on the phone with me discussing my sons case. I had a complete sense that he truly cared about my son as a person and that we weren’t just clients to him. He even took the time to go to jail and check on my son once. He also called after the case was settled that night to make sure my son was released from jail and again the following week to make sure he had checked in with probation. I am extremely impressed with his dedication. Wais felt that it would be beneficial to have a co-counsel so he brought on Christian Kim. Although I didn’t have much direct contact with Christian other than after court hearings, he was respectful and knowledgeable when I had questions. They were both in court at every hearing and I could tell by watching them negotiate that they were not giving up without a fight. Originally we were hoping for 2-3 years maximum but together they negotiated a deal that I didn’t think possible and my son was released with time served (almost 8 months) and 5 years probation and he is eligible to reduce his charges after he’s off probation. I am forever grateful for both of them! You definitely can’t go wrong with either of them if you need a criminal defense attorney.

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