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Mariad A. Recommends Wais Azami

Law office of wais azami is honestly a breath of freash air. He makes you feel comfortable and does not speak to you in a judgemental tone. He talks to you not at you and that is a great feeling. I was surprised to hear him answer when i called. Most attorneys i called there secretary answered and attorney was always in a meeting. Wais is very easily accessible via his cellphone. When i called he immediately started asking questions and seemed to truly care about my case. When we finally met he had all the notes from our phone call and not only did i not have to repeat myself but he had already done some digging and had information about our case. Mind you we had not paid a dime. He truly helped us because you can tell he loves his job. He did not mind going that extra step. It is rare to find someone that does things because its the right thing to do and not because it will get more money in his pocket. We are a hard working family with 4 kids, wais was very aware of this and allowed us to make 2 payments to help us out. We were worried about the outcome, with a previous DUI on my husbands record and now another criminal charge and on top of all of this he is working on his papers. We though he would go to jail or pay thousands in fees. Wais did let us know of all the possibilities and to be on the safe side wais went to first court date by himself. He was always updating us on information that was given to him. He gave us any paperwork via email and/or text. At the last hearing we were already expecting to pay $300 per court ordered plus court fees and probation and with a guilty plea. Wais surprised us and all charges ended up getting dismissed and no guilty plea and we only paid $75 in court fees with no probation. This was a situation that had been weighing heavy on our shoulders and thanks to law office of wais azami our family can stay together without that case on our mind anymore. I am so grateful and forever thankful to this man. Thank you mr. Azami, you made us feel like family the way you treated us and cared soo much about us. Thank you, cannot even start to express how thankful i am. If you are looking for a great attorney please call wais azami i will recommend him to anyone that i hear needs a great attorney

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