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Wrongful Death Claim/Fatal Accident Attorney in Orange County 

What is a wrongful death claim in a fatal accident? 

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A wrongful death suit is brought about when someone is killed as a result of someone else’s negligence (fault). Auto accidents happen daily, but sometimes they become deadly.  Wais Azami can help determine the fault of the parties, because  immediate family member(s) of the deceased could recover for the loss of their loved one when the deadly collision was the fault of someone else.  

What can money from financial compensation do when someone dies from an accident?

While financial compensation does not bring back a family member who was killed in an accident, the money could help the family with various expense associated with someone passing away.  It also help recovery for the pain associated with loss of companionship and bereavement.  

What are some of the expenses associated with fatal car accidents?

A death in the family from an accident could create the following long-term and short-term expenses:

  • FUNERAL/BURIAL: These can start from a couple thousand dollars to many thousands of dollars 
  • MEDICAL BILLS/LIENS: Surgeries, Hospitalization & Medications prior to the person passing away
  • LOSS OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Those who relied on the deceased person’s income, health insurance and other resources may have a claim for such recovery. 
  • LOSS OF COMPANIONSHIP: Death of a person who was once an emotional, mental or physical support for someone could be devastating and need compensation
  • PAIN & SUFFERING: Bereavement is a form of psychological damage which can manifest in ways which prevent living life as normally as before; ability to work, ability to hold normal relationships, ability to socialize, ability to continue with education and training, etc., 

What should I do if a loved one dies in a car or motorcycle accident? 

While dealing with a  death in a family is painful and stressful, the following steps could assist in keeping you organized to reduce your stress during these trying times:

  • Make sure you are okay mentally okay by eating and sleeping as consistently as possible
  • Find a friend or counselor with whom to talk
  • Make separate piles or folders for the family member’s medical bills, treatments, insurance Information, employment information, contact lists and Will or Living Trust
  • If available, find the deceased person’s Trust, Will or other testamentary documents. 
  • Contact personal injury attorney who handles wrongful death suits to determine fault of parties

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