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Fixed Fee Criminal Defense (Flat Fees)

What is Fixed Fee?

Orange County criminal defense attorney, Wais Azami, charges fixed Fees.  Fixed fee is one which does not change after the agreement.  Usually, if there is a change, it must be in writing and agree by both parties.  

Fixed fees is great for clients because it prevents surprise bills which can get out of control like in some family law or divorce cases.  It's always best to know exactly the amount you will be expected to pay, nothing more.  

Is Fixed Fee the same as Flat Fee?

Flat fees are just another term for fixed fees.  It means the exact same thing.  Please refer to the Fixed fee definition.  

Santa Ana criminal lawyer Wais Azami continually strives to provide affordable criminal defense to his clients.  

Do you Charge Hourly Fees?

I generally do not charge hourly fees because it can get out of hand for clients very quickly.    They are already in trouble with the law, they don't need addition stress.  

For example, a normal misdemeanor may require up to 5 court visits. Each visit may force the attorney to spend 2-3 hours (waiting for court to open or judge to appear keeps the meter going).  That could mean at least 12 hours of work.  If a lawyer charges $300 per hour, that's $3600 or more!  If a client pays an agreed flat rate of $3000, for example, they would have saved $600 AND any amount over 12 hours which the attorney most likely will spend.  Financially, it's in the best interest of clients to opt for a flat fee rate.   

Affordable Lawyer

Wais Azami is an affordable criminal lawyer in Santa Ana because he uses flat or fixed rates.  It ends up saving clients thousands.  Please refer to section, "Do you charge hourly fee," to find out how this works.   

Orange County criminal defense attorneys generally are very expensive.  Life is tough and Wais Azami doesn't want to make it tougher.  That's why his rates are relatively very affordable and he offers flat fees and payment options.  

Cheap Lawyer ?

While Wais Azami is an affordable criminal lawyer in Santa Ana, he wants to warn clients about cheap attorneys. Any attorney who does not value their time, expertise, experience and/or education, will probably not care about the outcome of your case either.  That's why they say, "You get for what you pay."  When your record, liberty or reputation is on the line, it's best not to go to with a cheap criminal lawyer.  

Types of Payments Accepted

Orange County criminal defense attorney Wais Azami in Santa Ana and Seal Beach accepts most forms of payments; Checks, credit cards, cash, money order, cashiers check, and debit cards/ACH, but the funds must clear before representation may begin.    Santa Ana Criminal defense lawyer, Wais Azami, may also help you with payment plans.

Flat Fee Lawyer

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