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I was hit by a car while walking.  What should I do?

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It’s important to get medical help immediately.  If you don’t have insurance, call us and we can arrange to have a doctor look at you on a contingency basis.  This way, you won’t have to pay unless we recover for you.  However, if your injuries are severe, call 911.   Go straight to the emergency room and call us once you’re there.  We can stop by at the hospital and talk to you while your memory is fresh.  That will help us find the person who hit you along with any potential witnesses.  (714) 321-9999

Where do most pedestrians get hit the most?

Pedestrians are generally struck by buses, train, vehicles and motorcycles in congested areas, tight streets, packeting streets, improperly marked sidewalks, curbs next to bus stops, and intersections of a street with an alley, driveway, parking lot or other such entrances.  These places tend to be in larger cities and cities with attractions such as business centers, amusement parks, beaches, and shopping venues.  In SoCal, these places are Downtown Long Beach, Belmont Shore, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, Disney Adventure Park, Downtown Fullerton, Old Town Pasadena, Old Historic Orange Circle, Downtown Santa Ana, Downtown Los Angeles, Santa Monica Promenade, and other such areas where traffic mixes with many pedestrians.  

How do I find out who was at fault when a car hits me while crossing the street?

Our team of investigators who are former law enforcement will help us acquire the information needed.  We will also order your police report and talk to witnesses.  

How can I get a police report after being hit by a car? 

Police reports will be ordered by our office.  We don’t charge for that initially.  It will be paid only after we recover money for your damages.  

How can I find witnesses after a car hits me?

We have a team of investigators who are former law enforcement.  They are very good at what they do and methodically seek surveillance videos, security cameras, eye witnesses and other electronic items such as vehicle computers and cellphones to get the information needed.  Most security videos record for only 30 days and it takes time to get them.  Don’t delay calling our office: (714) 321-9999.

Should I go a doctor or hospital after being hit by a car?

It’s easy to shrug off pain when you’re younger.  You might think you’re even tougher for being able to walk away from being hit by a car or a bus.  However, you could have serious underlying injuries such as nerve damage, spinal injuries or even internal bleeding. If you wait too long to see a doctor but later things get worse, the insurance company may not believe your injuries were from the accident. 

Can I get a lawyer if a car hit me?

Yes, it’s very important to get a lawyer if you have been hit by a car, bus or a train.  Usually the party which hit you will have insurance but pedestrians do not have insurance for simply walking.  You might have private medical insurance but you might have deductibles to meet.  An attorney can find all of the sources to help pay for your injuries and pain and suffering.  Don’t delay as you have only 2 years in california to file a claim for personal injuries. 

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