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Criminal Defense in Santa Ana

One of the best criminal defense lawyers in Santa Ana!

Wais Azami practices criminal defense in Santa Ana.  His zealous advocacy, attention to detail. compassion and driven personality is second to none.  (Click for more information)

Law Office of Wais Azami in Santa Ana consistently receives top reviews and top awards for his outstanding work as an attorney with one of the best reviews in Santa Ana, CA.   Mr. Azami is not afraid of a fight.  He assume every case will go to trial and prepares accordingly.  Even thought most of the cases never end up in trial, being prepared never hurts.  

It's very important to find a local attorney if you live in the Santa Ana area of Orange County.  Local Santa Ana criminal defense lawyers are more familiar with local judges, their propensities and the general ways of doing business in the court to help facilitate your case.  

My practice helps both citizens and immigrants with their criminal cases.  Majority of cases involve simple misdemeanors and low-level felonies where good people got caught up in a tough situation.  Typical cases are; Shoplifting, DUI's, Drug Possessions, Drug Paraphenalia, Domestic violence, Theft, Burglary, Assault, Battery, Driving without a license, driving on a suspended license, Domestic Battery, Sexual Assault, Outstanding Warrants, Failure to Appear, Probation Violation, Indecent Exposure, Sex with a minor (underaged person), Felony Evasion, Resisting Arrest, Weapons, Weapons Possession, Discharge of Firearms within City Limits, Attempt Crimes, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, Hit and Run, Conspiracy, Solicitation, Prostitution, Sex Cases, Drug Cases, and much more...Call the number below for a same-day evaluation or consolations.