Shoplifting Attorney in Garden Grove

Shoplifting can affect immigration!

Wais Azami is a shoplifting lawyer in Garden Grove.  His first goal is to make sure your immigration is not harmed with your case disposition.   Even if you are a US citizen, having a shoplifting record could hurt your future career, licenses and possibly school acceptance.  (Click for more information)

Mr. Azami consistently receives top reviews and top awards for his outstanding work as an attorney with one of the best reviews in Garden Grove, Orange County.   Many of his clients were facing deportation risks with their criminal charges. However, due to Mr. Azami diligence and hard work, those risks have drastically been minimized.

It's very important to find a local attorney if you live in the Garden Grove area of California.  Local attorneys are more familiar with local judges, their propensities and the general ways of doing business in the court to help facilitate your case.  

My practice helps both citizens and immigrants with their criminal cases.  Majority of cases involve simple misdemeanors and low-level felonies where good people got caught up in a tough situation.  Call the number below for a same-day evaluation or consolations.  

Our centrally-located office off of 22 Freeway and Valley View Street is local to residents of Garden Grove, Midways City, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Stanton, Los Alamitos, Westminster, Huntington Beach and Cypress.  

Law Office of Wais Azami, Best Criminal Defense Lawyer

Law Office of Wais Azami, Best Criminal Defense Lawyer