Domestic Violence

Most violent crimes that are classified as violent are not typically what’ seen on the news.  Believe it or not, even a push and shove between spouses or cohabitants can be deemed a “violent crime.”

What types of charges are considered part of domestic violence?

More information on each type of domestic violence charge is available on their corresponding pages. Just click on their penal code section (PC number). You will be able to see the elements of the crimes (things the prosecutor needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt), the list of potential defenses to such charges, and the exposure. Exposure means the penalties or punishment for each crime or charge.  Call us now at (714) 321-9999!

      • Domestic Battery, PC 243(e)(1) & Corporal Injury to a Spouse or Cohabitant, PC 273.5
      • Aggravated Trespass, PC 601
      • Child Neglect/Failure to Provide Care, PC 270
      • Child Endangerment, PC 273a
      • Child Abuse, PC 273d
      • Elder Abuse, PC 368
      • Criminal Threats, PC 422
      • Stalking, PC 646.9
      • Damaging a Telephone Line, PC 591
      • Revenge Porn, PC 647(j)(4)
      • Posting Harmful Data on the Internet, PC 653.2

What type of charges are considered traditional violent crimes?

Homicide Charges:

Murder – PC 187

      • Murder in the Second Degree – PC 187
      • Attempted Murder in 1st Degree – PC 187(a)
      • Attempted Murder in 2nd Degree – PC 187(a)
      • Voluntary Manslaughter – PC 192(a)
      • Involuntary Manslaughter – PC 192(b)
      • Vehicular Manslaughter – PC 191.5(a), PC 191.5(b), PC 191.5(d)
      • Misdemeanor Vehicular Manslaughter – PC 192.5(c), PC 192.5(d)

Crimes causing or attempting to cause injury:

      1. Assault
      2. Battery


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