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25-LIFE on 9 Allegations!

Young client with zero priors was facing 25 Years to LIFE on several felony false allegations with aggravating factors, enhancements, and registration as a sex offender for life!  9 total allegations, 6 felony counts! I was able to DISMISS the rape, sodomy, Great Bodily Injury allegation, excessive cruelty and strangulation claim, and 2 of 4 domestic battery charges.  Of the two felony PC 273.5 charges, I got him the lowest prison terms and to run concurrently–he’ll be out in one year with good conduct credits. 

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PC 243e1 (domestic violence) & PC 594 (vandalism/damage/destruction to personal property) after client was drinking and arguing with an ex spouse and father of her children. Client was facing at least 6 months for each charge.

Result: Dropped domestic violence charge, no jail time, summary probation, classes for AA and domestic violence.

10 Year Old Warrant Recalled

Client had multiple DUI’s and multiple probation violation over a period of several years.  Last violation caused a warrant which was issued over 10 years ago.  5 year probation set to only one year.  Client is back on track!

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Felony 273.5 with Great Bodily Injuries Dismissed

Client was charged with double felonies regarding a domestic violence incident.  273.5 is corporal injury to a spouse and 245 an assault likely to cause great bodily harm. Client was facing up to 5 years on each count.  I ordered medical reports, body-worn camera footage of arrest and scene, and reviewed all police reports with witness statements.  The devil is always in the details.  I was able to find the inconsistencies which weakened the allegations.

I was able to get both felonies dismissed.  Client pled to only a P.C. 242 which is a misdemeanor simple battery and permission to withdraw plea for a complete dismissal after completion of probation.  No jail or prison time.  No domestic violence batterer’s classes.  Case is now completely dismissed.

LIFE Case–No Prison and Released with time served and strikes removed!

LIFE Case, 2 strike charges, Weapon Enhancement: (ALL Charges are from one case) 207(a); Felony Kidnapping, 12022(b)(1) PC; Using a Weapon, 211/212.5(c) PC; Robbery in 2nd Degree, 236-237(a) PC; False Imprisonment by fraud or violence or deceit, 245(a)(4) PC; Assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury. I was able to negotiate with the district attorney to release him on probation with removal of strike charges upon successful completion of a 5- year probation.  After only 3 years of probation, I successfully asked for early termination of probation and had the strike charges dismissed at the same time.  Client now has a family and a successful business.

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