Vehicle Code Violations -

Vehicle Code Violations

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Common Vehicle Code Violations & DMV Holds

DMV and the courts will get involved in cases where a driving code has been violated in California. More information on each type of vehicle code violation charge is available on their corresponding pages. Just click on the section you need more information. You will be able to see the elements of the crimes (things the prosecutor needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt), the list of potential defenses to such charges, and the potential exposure. Exposure means the penalties or punishment for each crime or charge. Usually, there are both DMV consequences as well as the court/penal consequences. The DMV punishments could be points on your record, suspension of your license, revocation of your license, or being given a restricted license. A restricted license is usually requested by the driver after their license has been suspended.  

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Click on each for more detailed information:

Hit and Run

Driving Without a License

Driving on a Suspended License

Reckless Driving:

DUI : Driving Under the Influence of Drugs or Alcohol 

Exhibition of Speed – VC 23109, Street Racing:

Joyriding VC 10851

How do I get a DMV Hold removed from my record? 

It is best to speak to an attorney and find out the exact reasoning for the DMV hold on your license. If you have an outstanding criminal matter, a criminal defense attorney who works with charges which affect your DMV license can better help determine what you need. Call now to speak directly to an attorney: (714) 321-9999

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