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Areas of Practice include:

I fight for my community’s rights when they have been either injured or charged with a crime. This means I will help defend your rights to receive compensation for your injuries due to an accident. In addition, I will represent you against criminal charges or assist with cleaning your criminal record.

As one of the best SoCal criminal defense attorneys in Orange County, based on my REVIEWS, I offer strong yet affordable representation to the people of Orange County, LA County, Inland Empire and the surrounding areas. While I don’t promise case outcomes, my recent case RESULTS speak for themselves. A lot of my clients have been charged with crimes far worse than what truly occurred. Some are falsely accused altogether, usually by the alleged victim. Most of my clients have family and/or immigration issues which a criminal charge would complicate further. It takes an understanding attorney who realizes the consequences of criminal charges against immigrants to adequately prepare for a strong defense. Such understanding comes from life experiences. My childhood taught me three things; people matter, fight like your life depends on it, and persistence is all you need to defeat anything thrown at you.

From Anaheim Union High School District to Law School…

I’m a product of our community. I grew up in Orange County. I’m an immigrant. My family had lots of financial difficulties when I was younger. I started working at age 14 in order to help my family. I’ve gone through war, immigration, medical procedures and divorce. I have never given up during any battle in life and I won’t give up on you. I understand your pain. I know what it’s like to live a tough life. My life experiences forged me into an understanding warrior who will do everything to lessen your stress and fears.

Realizing my community is in desperate need of competent representation…

I’ve had friends who made mistakes. They didn’t know how to protect their own rights. Occasionally, authorities violated their rights, because they knew they could get away with it. I vowed to become a champion of my community by becoming their voice. I dreamt of becoming a criminal defense attorney in Orange County to help as many people as possible. Now, as an affordable and caring OC criminal defense and personal injury attorney, I do that daily.

My typical clients are…

While I don’t have a “typical” type of client, I seem to attract people who resemble the community in which I grew up. They have rarely been in trouble in the past. Most of my clients are hard-working people who are simply trying to survive in order to make a better life for themselves or their family. Many are bilingual. The vast majority are immigrants. They are good people who are caught up in a bad situation because of an accident, a mistake or a momentary indiscretion. They are unfamiliar with the legal justice system and they don’t know what to do next. They usually don’t know all of their rights. Sometimes they don’t even know their action was against the law. (That’s not a defense though.)

If they were in an accident, they may not know how the insurance industry works or how to go about getting treatment and compensation for their injuries.

Having a strong passion for what I do…

I attended law school specifically to become the best criminal defense attorney. I strongly believe that every person is innocent until proven otherwise. Even if someone is not innocent, it does not mean the police or the government can violate their Constitutional rights. Two wrongs do not make a right. What makes us Americans is that we have rights! It’s my duty to insure that never changes.

After several years of practice and requests from past clients/family, I have added personal injury to my practice. Both types of law help the individual against big entities like the government or insurance industry.

This is why I think it’s important to connect with your attorney. Someone who understands your situation can be a far better advocate.

Clients routinely say…

Based on my reviews on AVVO, Justia, Yelp, Google and Facebook, clients routinely compliment me on being easily accessible, because I answer their calls or texts personally. They love my dedication, diligence and my ability to help them calm down. They realize how much I really care about them as a person. Most of all, they walk out of court more satisfied than they thought was possible. I have every intention of doing the same for you.

I urge you to come in and speak with me. You’ll be glad you did. call: (714) 321-9999 for immediate help!

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