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"Mr Azami, thank you for everything you did for me... I came across Mr.Azami @ midnight while searching attorneys, and I believe I left him my info and a couple minutes later he called me!!! He left me a voicemail and afterwards I met up with him he was very honest and trustworthy, he represented me in court and the outcome was aloooot better than I ever thought it would be and I could have not done it without him..I believe we crossed paths for a reason @ midnight!! I most definitely highly recommend Mr Azami to anyone that is stuck in a tough situation like I was... he will fight for you like a pit bull and he is also very reasonable... I will never thank him enough in my lifetime...!!!!!! Thank you again Mr. Azami!!!!"  

Review By  G.R. 5/5

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Pure Criminal Defense

Law Office of Wais Azami practices only criminal defense.  We also focus on criminal defense of immigrants, because immigrants have a unique circumstance due to their immigration status.  As an immigrant, I know all too well the importance of maintaining a strong defense.  Most of my clients are good people who happen to be stuck in a tough situation.  My practice is at the crossroads of criminal law, immigration and family  law. I help the forgotten, the over-looked, the taken-for-granted. I make sure their voices are heard, their situations are explained, and their rights are not violated.  Most importantly, I fight to keep my clients happy and liberated.    

You may have questions such as; Will my misdemeanor effect my immigration status? Is a Felony charge an automatic removable or deportable charge?  I don't have my papers--will my arrest get me deported?  Which criminal charges cause an automatic removal or deportation?  Please call me. I can help answer your questions.  

La oficina legal de Wais Azami solo practica la defensa criminal. También nos enfocamos en la defensa criminal de los inmigrantes, porque los inmigrantes tienen una circunstancia única debido a su estatus migratorio. Como inmigrante, sé muy bien la importancia de mantener una defensa fuerte. La mayoría de mis clientes son buenas personas que están atrapadas en una situación difícil. Mi práctica se encuentra en la encrucijada del derecho penal, la inmigración y el derecho de familia. Ayudo a lo olvidado, a lo pasado por alto, a lo que se da por sentado. Me aseguro de que se escuchen sus voces, se expliquen sus situaciones y no se violen sus derechos. Lo más importante es luchar para mantener a mis clientes felices y liberados.  Puede tener preguntas tales como; ¿Mi delito menor afectará mi estatus migratorio? ¿Un cargo por delito grave es un cargo automático extraíble o deportable? No tengo mis documentos. ¿Me arrestarán con mi arresto? ¿Qué cargos criminales causan una remoción automática o deportación? Por favor, llámame. Puedo ayudarte a responder tus preguntas.

Typical Cases:

DUI - DOMESTIC VIOLENCE - THEFT - SHOPLIFTING - ASSAULT - BATTERY - DRIVING WITHOUT A LICENSE - PROBATION VIOLATION - DRUGS - DRUNK IN PUBLIC - DISORDERLY CONDUCT - SEXUAL ASSAULT - BURGLARY - COMMERCIAL BURGLARY - INDECENT EXPOSURE - ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON - ROBBERY - PROSTITUTION - POSSESSION OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCE - FELONY EVASION - HIT & RUN - POSSESSION OF A FIREARM - SOLICITATION - ALL FELONIES - ALL MISDEMEANORS - INFRACTIONS - Resisting Arrest - Public Intoxication - Disturbing the Peace - Aggravated Trespass - Child Endangerment - Embezzlement - Lewd Conduct - Grand Theft - Receiving Stolen Property - Evading an Officer - Furnishing Tobacco to a Minor - Intent to Sell - Domestic Violence - Spousal Battery - Solicitation - Solicitation for Prostitution - Gambling - Possession of Narcotics - Posession of Weapons

Abogado de Defensa  Criminal

DUI - VIOLENCIA DOMÉSTICA - ROBO - SHOPLIFTING - ASALTO - BATERÍA - CONDUCCIÓN SIN LICENCIA - VIOLACIÓN DE PROBACIÓN - DROGAS - BEBIDAS EN EL PÚBLICO - CONDUCTA DESORDENADA DE LA REPUESTA DE LA PARTIERACIÓN DE LA REPASIFICACIÓN DE LA PARTICIPACIÓN DE LA REPASACIÓN DE LA INSPECCION DE LA REPASO DE LA PARECIÓN DE LA REPASIFICACIÓN DE LA PAREJA - POSESIÓN DE SUSTANCIA CONTROLADA - FELONY EVASION - HIT & RUN - POSESIÓN DE UN BOMBERO - SOLICITACIÓN - TODAS LAS FELONIES - TODAS LAS FALTAS - INFRACCIONES - Resistencia a la detención - Embarcación de los niños - Embellecimiento de la mancha - Lézico - Embosque de los niños - Embarcación - Embellecimiento de los niños Robo - Recepción de bienes robados - Evasión de un oficial - Suministro de tabaco a un menor de edad - Intención de venta - Violencia doméstica - Batería para el cónyuge - Solicitud - Solicitud de prostitución - Juegos de azar - Posesión de estupefacientes - Posesión de armas

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Client Benefits:


  • Centrally-located in three major southland areas: 
    1. Santa Ana, CA in Orange County (Xerox/Judicate West Building 
    2. Seal Beach, CA (Seal Beach Blvd. & 405 FWY)

  • Affordable & Aggressive Attorney
  • Excellent communication with clients
  • Mobile service for clients unable to reach us
  • Free parking/validation upon request
  • Consultations are free if attorney is hired--the fee will be applied towards retainer. : (714) 321-9999

Powerful Representation


Law Office of Wais Azami is an Orange County Criminal Defense firm. Mr. Azami's collaboration with multiple attorneys in the community helps maximize brainstorming for your defense while keeping costs down--ask us how.   (714) 321-9999 

2 Office Locations in OC:

Santa Ana Criminal Defense

Seal Beach Criminal Defense

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Consultations are free if attorney is hired--the fee will be applied towards retainer.  

Fixed/Flat Fees:

I don't charge hourly fees because it can skyrocket quickly and catch you by surprise before anything even gets done with your case.  I will let you know exactly what to expect for the agreed representation. Fixed or flat fees are set and agreed to at the start of representation.  This way there are no surprises for you later. 

Mobile Service Available:

I also understand many people commute long distances for work.  If you can't make it to my office during business hours, I'll make your life easier:  

  • Evening/Weekend appointments available
  • Mobile service available upon request (Mobile Service does not qualify for free consultation)
    • Call for details:

(714) 321-9999

Santa Ana, CA

Santa Ana Criminal Defense

Feel free to visit--same-day appointments frequently accommodated.  Parking validated.

Law Office of Wais Azami

1851 E 1st St, Santa Ana, California 92705, United States

(714) 321-9999


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Seal Beach, CA

Seal Beach Criminal Defense & DUI

This is a satellite office--please call in advance of arrival. 

Law Office of Wais Azami

3020 Old Ranch Pk, #300, Seal Beach, California 90740, United States,

(714) 321-9999


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