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Wais Azami, an Orange County Attorney, strongly believes that you are innocent until proven guilty. You have a constitutional right to be defended at all stages of your case from arraignment to case disposition and sentencing.  As an experienced and passionate criminal defense attorney,  OC attorney, Wais Azami, will zealously advocate for you, whether you have a misdemeanor charge or a felony.  I have handled life cases, strike cases, and many routine misdemeanors such as shoplifting, hit and run, domestic battery and other such cases.  We are easily accessible from Anaheim, Santa Ana, Stanton and other OC cities. 


Recalling warrants can usually be handled within 48 hours if the court is open and it's within 15 miles of our Garden Grove office.  It's advisable that immigrants facing misdemeanors should hire an attorney to recall the warrant in order to prevent detentions which may lead to ICE (Immigration Customs and Enforcement) holds.  If a bench warrant is not recalled, you could be arrested at any time while in public.  That means a simple traffic stop could lead to a detention or an arrest. 

Criminal Defense of Immigrants

Immigrants who are not yet US citizens face enormous odds when they are arrested for a criminal violation.  Most of the time crimes which are felony, multiple misdemeanors or crimes of moral turpitude are deportable/removable under immigration laws.  In fact, you don't even have to be convicted of the crime to be removed.  Just a simple arrest is enough to remove or deport someone.  Do not take a chance.  Hire a local Orange County attorney who practices criminal defense, has worked with the local courts and has compassion for helping immigrants. In addition to criminal defense of immigrants, we help you with estate planning such as wills, trusts and medical directives.  Conveniently located in Garden Grove, we are easily accessible from Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Westminster and Seal Beach.

Planning for the future: Wills, Trusts & Medical Directives

Unfortunately, Covid-19 has reminded us how important it is to make sure we have directions to leave regarding our assets and healthcare for when we are incapacitated or no longer living.  An Orange County Attorney in area of estate planning like wills, living trusts, irrevocable trusts, revocable trusts and medical directives help us create such directions.  Each one has a different purpose, along with advantages and disadvantages.  As an Orange County attorney who practices  estate planning, I can explain all of this during your consultation.  My office is centrally-located in Garden Grove to be of service to both O.C. and L.A. residents from Anaheim to Santa Ana, Westminster and Huntington Beach. 

Divorce, Custody, Support & Child Visitation

Family is something we all need, but occasionally it's healthier to part our ways for our emotional, physical and financial health.  Sometimes a divorce is the best option, but  at Law Office of Wais Azami, a family law attorney, we want to make sure divorce is your last option.  We have access to family therapists, counselors and book suggestions to help make sure you are not calling it quits unnecessarily.  However, should you decide that is the only option, we are ready to assist with filing of your divorce.  In California, it s also known as dissolution of marriage.   California is  a community property state meaning it's a no-fault state.  It doesn't matter who is at fault, usually things are divided equally.  However, certain things may not be part of the community property and that is where it's important to seek a consultation with a local Orange County family law attorney.  

Law Office of Wais Azami, conveniently located in Garden Grove, can also assist with spousal support, child support, child visitations, child physical custody and child legal custody.  Orange County attorney, Wais Azami, is local to Anaheim, Santa Ana and other OC cities. 

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Orange County attorney, Wais Azami, is centrally-located to help local residents with criminal defense and family law in areas such as Anaheim, Garden Grove, Stanton, Westminster, Midway City, Huntington Beach, Long Beach, Los Alamitos, and Cypress

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