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Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney

DUI Charges in California


Orange County DUI lawyer Wais Azami has offices available for consultations regarding your DUI charges in Santa Ana, La Mirada and Seal Beach.  DUI charges in California are no joke.  Even in a first-time DUI arrest, some counties have lengthy alcohol classes for up to 9 months, a forced MADD class, up to 6 months in county jail, up to $2000 in fines and restitutions, up to 6 months of ignition lock for you vehicle, and if you are an immigrant on DACA status, immigration consequences.  Do not take a chance fighting a DUI charge in SoCal alone and do no miss your DMV administrative per se hearing which needs to be scheduled within 10 days of your arrest.  Santa Ana DUI Lawyer can handle all of that for you after one quick consult in our office.  

Misdemeanor and Felony Cases


Misdemeanors can have a huge impact in your life.  Wais Azami is one of the best misdemeanor attorneys in Orange County.  A common misdemeanor example is being drunk in public.  Don't let seemingly minor charge(s) discourage you from hiring a good Santa Ana misdemeanor lawyer.  Felonies are very big charges with serious penalties.  Wais Azami is a top-rated criminal lawyer in Santa Ana who can help you with all Orange County or SoCal criminal charges.  Felony attorneys have the experience to handle your tough felony charge(s).  As a felony lawyer, Wais Azami has handled felony cases from multiple DUI's to life and strike charges.

Warrants in OC, LA, IE


Law Office of Wais Azami in Santa Ana  or Seal Beach is an Orange County criminal defense firm which can assist with recalling your warrant in less than 2 court days and sometimes within 24 hours.   Don't risk getting pulled over--just hire one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Santa Ana.  Wais Azami serves all of Orange County with criminal defense needs.  A warrant attorney can help recall your warrant but also defend the underlying reasons for the warrant.  Hire a warrant lawyer to minimize your chances of being taken by surprise. 

Hit and Run Charges


Hit and Run charges are not simple traffic cases not needing a good criminal lawyer.  They need a strong criminal defense lawyer, especially if physical injuries or damages exist.  Law Office of Wais Azami practices only criminal law in Santa Ana and is accessible to all within Orange County with criminal defense needs like misdemeanor hit and run or felony hit and run.   A hit and run lawyer can properly assess your case within your initial office consult. Call us now.



Law Office of Wais Azami in Santa Ana serves all of Orange County immigrant criminal clients who are accused of a crime. Criminal charges for immigrants require a criminal defense attorney for immigrants who knows the much bigger consequences for those not yet U.S. citizens.  Trust an attorney who is an immigrant and a criminal defense lawyer for immigrants in Orange County to help protect your rights. 

Shoplifting Charges


Shoplifting charge in California is a misdemeanor but also a crime of moral turpitude with consequences for immigration, jobs and potentially certain state professional licenses.  Wais Azami is a Santa Ana shoplifting lawyer who handles such cases routinely.  Mr. Azami is centrally-located in Santa Ana to help defend you in  Orange County agains criminal accusations. 

Domestic Violence Charges


Wais Azami has handled such charges [PC 273.5, PC 243 (e)(1)]as a domestic violence attorney in Orange County.  If you are not yet a US citizen, these charges can be removable or deportable.  Please seek an experienced domestic violence attorney in Orange County to prevent your matter from getting worse.  A DV lawyer knows how to negotiate better outcomes--don't take a chance. 

Sex Cases


Certain sexual charges can have long-lasting consequences and maybe even immigration repercussions.  We handle sexual cases such as indecent exposure, lewd conduct, statutory rape, rape, and sexual battery.  Wais Azami is a Santa Ana criminal lawyer who will aggressively fight for you against sexual charges or sexual battery accusations. 

Assault & Battery


Assault and Battery are considered violent offenses.  If they are against a person you have cohabited with, relative of, had a child with or in a relationship, it may actually become a charge of domestic violence.  It's important to obtain the expertise of an experienced assault and battery attorney attorney to help defend you.  Law Office of Wais Azami is ready to defend your rights.  

Theft Charges


Theft cases like larceny, grand larceny, robbery, burglary, embezzlement, grand theft auto (GTA) or shoplifting are also moral character crimes as far as immigration is concerned.  If you are not a US citizen, please seek an attorney who defends immigrants against criminal charges.  Theft cases can be misdemeanors to felonies requiring a strike with extremely long sentences. Examples of petty theft in California are shoplifting, larceny, petty larceny (petty theft).  Examples of theft charges which could be felony are robbery, embezzlement and grand theft auto to name a few. Wais Azami is a Santa Ana theft attorney who will zealously defend you in court.  

Driving Without A License or Driving on Suspended License


Driving without a license (VC 12500) or driving on a suspended license (VC 14601 in California (Vehicle Code may be minor charges but repeat offenses can have very expensive fines and long periods of confinement.  Do not risk another violation.  Get a local criminal attorney to help you and attempt to regain your license immediately in order to prevent further court actions.  It's easier to work with the DMV and courts to restore your privileges rather than risk making it worse and defending multiple citations.   

Kidnapping Charges


Kidnapping is an extremely seriously charge which carries very hefty penalties.  Unlike its title, any person of any age can be kidnapped.  However, most kidnapping cases occur when a family member takes a child without consent of another parent or guardian. It's also a strike offense.  Such serious crimes will carry immigration consequences as well.  I have experience defending strike charges.  When the consequences are big, allow an experienced Orange County kidnapping attorney to handle the matter for you.  

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