*Recent Case Results:

Felony Domestic Battery PC 273.5

Case Result: Potential felony charged as misdemeanor after discussing with DA. Had client released without bail on my motion despite DA's objection. Will fight to have the misdemeanor dropped when the courts open after the Covid-19. 

Felony Domestic Battery and Child Endangerment (PC 273.5 and PC 273A(B).

Case Results: No Charges filed after speaking with the DA's office--client lawyered up and did not give a statement to the police (that's how you protect yourself)!

PC 487, misdemeanor grand theft.

Result: Dismissed!

LIFE Case, 2 strike charges, Weapon Enhancement: (ALL Charges are from one case) 207(a); Felony Kidnapping, 12022(b)(1) PC; Using a Weapon, 211/212.5(c) PC; Robbery in 2nd Degree, 236-237(a) PC; False Imprisonment by fraud or violence or deceit, 245(a)(4) PC; Assault with force likely to cause great bodily injury. 

Case Results; 1 year county instead of prison but released in 7 months with 5-year probation where client can petition to have the strikes dismissed after successful completion of probation. 

7-year-old warrant for a Misdemeanor PC 21310 (Possession of a dirk or dagger) and VC22450(a) (Failure to stop at a stop sign).

Case Results: Obtained a No-Plea Dismissal and recalled the warrant!

Misdemeanor furnishing tobacco to a minor (PC 308(a)(A)(i).

Case Results: Obtained a No-Plea Dismissal!

Hit and  Run and Failure to stop at a stop sign.

Result: Obtained a No-Plea Dismissal!

Felony 286(b) (1), First offense sexual  assault.

Felony Case Results: Contacted DA's office 3 times until DA declined the case. No charges filed. 

4th DUI (6th DUI in lifetime), violation of probation for DUI #2 & 3, facing up to 3 years in prison and possible deportation. 

Felony Case Results: Obtained  in-house alcohol diversion program and probation--no deportation/removal. 

Shoplifting & Burglary. Client facing 6 months to 1 year in jail from removable/deportable charges.  

Result: No Jail & no deportation--obtained diversion program where client completed a one-day class and all charges dismissed afterwards.    

PC 273.5(Felony Domestic Violence) where there are visible injuries and blood after drinking and argument with spouse.  Client facing 2, 3 or 4 years in prison.  

Result: Discussed with DA's office and DA won't file charges. 

VC 23152 A & B (2 counts on DUI with .14 BAC) facing jail time, MADD classes, DUI Classes, Summary Probation and one year license suspension.

Misdemeanor Case Results: Dropped count A, 5 days ankle bracelet (no jail), DUI classes, Dropped MADD classes, and obtained restricted license. 

Possible embezzlement charges of theft from an employer. Client retained my services and I spoke with police department and advised client to speak only to me.

Result: No charges filed thus far (6/18), no charges filed as client lawyered up.  

Client was a fugitive for over 9 years for violation of probation of 2 DUI's, one with an accident. Client was facing jail time for probation violation and potential removal.  

Misdemeanor Case Results: No jail time, enrolled back in DUI classes and obtained restricted DMV driver's license after years of being without. 

PC 243e1 (domestic violence) & PC 594 (vandalism/damage/destruction to personal property) after client was drinking and arguing with an ex souse and father of her children.  Client was facing at least 6 months for each charge.  

Result: Dropped domestic violence charge, no jail time, summary probation, classes for AA and domestic violence.  

Client was accused of statutory rape (sex with a  minor) by the supposed victim and threatened to go to police if client didn't pay money for abortion.  

Result: my private investigator established supposed victim was not a minor. Client is super relieved and grateful for our investigation. 

*No two cases are alike.  Results are never guaranteed.  However, I can only guarantee the same hard work and effort consistently from out offices in Santa Ana and Seal Beach.  Our reviews can be seen here. 

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