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Best OC Criminal Defense; Client Reviews (Testimonials)

I would definetly recommend Wais Azami as a criminal lawyer. He really helped me with my case and he is also very proffesional. He always kept me up to date with everything going on and was always punctual. If you need a criminal case lawyer, i highly suggest you go with Wais Azami. 😊

D.S. 11/29/18

I was in need of a lawyer and I didn't have many option due to me being a young adult . He was one of my top. searches through Avvo and I hired him after he agreed to take my. case . He was always on my side and he understand every moment I was feeling and had great advice to cope and go through the tremendous stress. Overall , he did an outstanding job on handling the case. I recommend anyone who is in need of great legal representation , his background is what makes him stand out more than anyone else. He is never judgmental and will keep you going ! Thank You. Again !

M.I. 07/31/18

Mr. Azami had me come in and explain my situation and had taken my case, overall the case ended up extremely better than what was expected. I recommend him to any of my  friends and family as a my legal representative.  Thank You!

M.O. 07/30/18

Mr. Azami did a great job handling my case.  He made life much easier during my DUI process.  He kept me informed while taking care of everything for me.

C.C. 07/02/18

He’s amazing. Gave me a free consult/advice at late hours to help me feel better and relax about my situation.

L.E. 06/27/18

Wais was very supportive every step of the way. He was also very affordable till this day he is still helping answer questions! Highly recommend him! Wish I came to him first!!

G.C. 06/26/18

"Mr. Azami is the best attorney. He is very knowledgeable, experienced and caring. I was very anxious about my case so he did everything on behalf of me and my case was neatly dismissed in a blink. I absolutely recommend this attorney."

K.F. 06/06/18

"Wais Azami provided excellent service and helped me through the process every step of the way. We reached a great deal with the court and I would highly recommend his legal services. Wais truly cares about his clients and works hard and efficiently in order to reach the best possible outcome for the case."

D.R. 03/05/18

"So after avoiding an old legal issue for the past 9 years for various reasons I came upon some events in my life where I realized I really needed to handle my issue. My husband looked around for an Attorney and came upon Mr, Azami. My husband and Mr. Azami communicated about my case and then I was asked to call him. I hesitated because in the past any Attorney I hired to represent me always made me feel like I was a bad person for finding myself in the position that I was in. When I finally did call Mr. Azami he reassured me that I was not a bad person and that good people often find themselves in bad positions. Even when he said "I know I'm being hard on you" in regards to prepping me for possibly attending court I did not feel that way at all. I never felt judged by him and did truly feel like he was working for me, never against me. I felt very comfortable discussing my issue with him. I felt at times like I was his only client because of the personal undivided attention given by him. He made it clear that I would have access to him 24 hrs a day if needed. After my first phone conversation with him he left me feeling like a weight was beginning to be lifted off my chest. His goal for me was to not have to attend court at all and of course avoid any jail time. Mission accomplished!! Mr. Azami attended court for me and I was not made to appear. With some fines and a couple ends I have left to tie I will finally be able to put this issue behind me. Looking back at the last Law firm I hired to represent me, after paying a lot of money I would hire an attorney and end up with the partner representing me instead. Mr. Azami shows that he is really in this profession to help and make a difference in peoples lives. I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing a good Attorney."

B.M. 03/02/18

"Mr. Wais Azami has been a very attenative lawyer and has provided great customer service.  I would recommend him to others.  He has provided  outstanding service."

Manuel R. February 2018

"I had a consult with Mr. Azami about a possible slander case, with his quick thinking and very calm and level headed thinking and experience, Mr. Azami was able to calm the situation and advise me how to resolve the conflict. If I ever need an attorney again Mr. Azami will be my first call."

Lori 01/08/18

"Mr Azami, thank you for everything you did for me... I came across Mr.Azami @ midnight while searching attorneys, and I believe I left him my info and a couple minutes later he called me!!! He left me a voicemail and afterwards I met up with him he was very honest and trustworthy, he represented me in court and the outcome was aloooot better than I ever thought it would be and I could have not done it without him..I believe we crossed paths for a reason @ midnight!! I most definitely highly recommend Mr Azami to anyone that is stuck in a tough situation like I was... he will fight for you like a pit bull and he is also very reasonable... I will never thank him enough in my lifetime...!!!!!! Thank you again Mr. Azami!!!!" 

 G.R.  01/04/18

"I’m in the process of meeting Mr Azami and so far he has been the “ only” lawyer that has showed interest and compassion on his client, every other person I have talked to in here seems all they care is about what’s the most money they can get out of you unfortunately , and Mr Azami is willing to work with me so I truly appreciate his time..."

G.R.  01/01/18

"I called  and  spoke to lawyer Wais Azami his awesome very professional and he really listens to you and he answered all my questions excellent customer service !!!"

N.A. 2017

"Wais Azami has been by far the best lawyer that i have worked with. His professionalism is second to none and he is very honest. He is worth every penny and I highly recommend him. Wais is very detailed oriented and provides the best service ever. He helped me with my case and i cannot be more happy with the results. Thank you Wais for everything!!!!"

Fred S. 6/8/17

"I appreciate the professionalism and quality service that Wais Azami provides. Wais was very genuine and detailed oriented. He was able to answer my questions in a timely fashion."

I.A. 06/06/17

"I consulted with Wais Azami multiple times about specific events that had occurred. He was available and very informative about each manner. I'dhighly recommend him.
His passion and dedication for each issue that was presented to him shows through his words and actions."

K.R. 06/05/17

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