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Motorcycle Rider Representing Motorcyclists in Accidents

As a motorcycle rider of over 20 years, Wais Azami is keenly aware of the dangers posed by other careless motorists.  He has ridden a Honda Shadow VT500C, Shadow 750 American Classic Edition and a BMW R1200R.  He has been riding motorcycles for over 2 decades with many close-calls and being down once or twice.  He is very familiar with the lack of attention by other motorists when it comes to bikers.   Many times the driver who hit the motorcyclist tries to get away. It’s important to seek an attorney who knows what it’s like to ride, face the dangers and who has felt your pain.  Such an attorney can fight for, and better explain, your predicament.  Wais Azami is an Orange County motorcycle accident attorney with plenty of riding experience.  Call now: (714) 321-9999!

What should I do right after a motorcycle accident?

When a car or truck hits a motorcyclist, it’s often very injurious to the rider, if not fatal.  The first step is administering proper medical aid and making sure there are no internal damages to the rider.  This can only be done by medical professionals in a hospital setting with advanced medical tools. The next step is to protect the rider’s rights by hiring a lawyer to start the investigation of the accident by finding witnesses while memories are fresh. Wais Azami, OC motorcycle crash attorney, can be reached 24/7 at (714) 321-9999. 

How do I find out who was at fault in a motorcycle accident?

Fault can be determined only after a thorough investigation.  You can’t rely on a police report because sometimes they are not complete and not all sources of evidence were uncovered.  Wais Azami works with several investigators to find video footage, witnesses and study the accident scene to see how the accident occurred.  Don’t waste time losing good evidence which could help in recovering damages from bad motorcycle accident.  

How can I get a police report after a motorcycle accident? 

We can assist with getting police reports.  Police reports can be obtained within a few days after an accident directly from the law enforcement agency which created the report.  Our investigation process is very detailed and obtaining police reports is only one of the many things we do, for free.  

How can I find witnesses after someone hits my motorcycle?

OC bike accident attorney, Wais Azami, has a team of investigators who have amassed decades of law enforcement experience before becoming investigators.  They are very diligent in their methods, process and tactics. If there is evidence which could be found, our team usually finds it.  But it’s important not to lose time as the trail gets cold.  Witness memories fade.  Call now! 

Do I have to report my motorcycle accident to the DMV?

Yes, if the property damage is $1,000 or more and/or there are injuries or death.  California DMV form SR-1 must be completed and submitted within 10 days of such an accident.  We can help in completing this form in a timely manner, so long as you call us in a timely manner.  (714) 321-9999

How much time do I have to report my bike accident to the DMV?

California states any motor vehicle accident which sustains $1,000 or more in property damage, or where there is an injury or death, be reported within 10 days of the accident.  

Do I need to see a doctor or go to a hospital after after being hit by a car?

The smart answer is of course! When a large vehicle made of metal and weighing 2-25 times the weight of your motorcycles hits you, there is an extremely high likelihood that you have sustained major injuries, even if not readily detectible or obvious.  Further, the law states you need to mitigate your damages by making sure your injuries don’t get worse due to your own doing or neglect.  Thus, you must find out if and what types of injuries you have sustained.  We can help you.  Call us at (714) 321-9999. 

When should I hire a lawyer for my motorcycle accident?

 The statute of limitations for filing and injury claim in California is 2 years for injuries and 3 years for property damage.  However, if you wait too long (more than 2 weeks) to seek medical help from your injuries from the date of the accident, you run the risk of insurance companies thinking it’s not a legitimate injury.  Why suffer in pain only to find out that not only things are getting worse but you’re also no being believed.  Seek both medical and legal help as soon as an accident occurs! 

 What are a few common causes of motorcycle accidents: 

  • Speeding
  • Alcohol
  • Intersections/Crossroads 
  • Road or Highway Conditions 
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