Possession of a Controlled Substance

Wais Azami defends against charges of possession of a controlled substance for personal use.  We offer free consultation at Law Office of Wais Azami. Call today.

How does the police or district attorney prove possession of a controlled substance?

      • The accused unlawfully had a controlled substance, and…
      • The accused knew the drug was there, and…
      • The accused knew of the controlled substance’s character and nature, and…
      • There was a usable amount, not mere traces.

What is a controlled substance?

A controlled substance is a narcotic or any drug which needs a prescription and/or is defined under the United States Controlled Substances Act.

What is a controlled substance for personal use?

It is usually defined as a small enough quantity or the amount which is for personal use rather than in bulk amount for sale or resale. Each substance has its measurement in what is deemed for “personal use.” Please call our office for more information at (714) 321-9999!

What are the defenses to the charge of HS 11350(a)? 

      • You did not possess the drug/controlled substance.
      • You did not have control over the drug/controlled substance.
      • You did not know about it being present or that it was a controlled substance.
      • You had a valid prescription from a licensed medical professional for the controlled substance.
      • Law enforcement did not properly handle the substance for evaluation.

What are the penalties for possession of a controlled substance (HS 11350) in California?

Misdemeanor HS 11350(a):

      • Up to one year in jail.
      • $1,000 fine for the first offense or community service.
      • $2,000 fine for second (or more) offense or community service.
        Immigration Consequences.

Felony HS 11350:

      • One year and four months, or two years or three years in prison.
      • $1,000 fine for the first offense or community service.
      • $2,000 fine for second (or more) offense or community service.
        Immigration Consequences.
Have you been accused of being in possession of a controlled-substance?

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