Sex Crimes -

Sex Crimes

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Common SEX CRIMES charges in Orange County:

More information on each type of sex crime charge is available on their corresponding pages. Just click on their penal code section (PC number). You will be able to see the elements of the crimes (things the prosecutor needs to prove beyond a reasonable doubt), the list of potential defenses to such charges, and the exposure. Exposure means the penalties or punishment for each crime or charge.  

Indecent Exposure, PC 314

Solicitation for Prostitution, PC 647(b)

Statutory Rape / Romeo and Juliet Law in California, PC 261.5

Rape, PC 261

Sex in Public, Lewd Conduct PC 647(a)

Revenge Porn, PC 647(j)(4)

Sexual Assault, PC 243.4

Sexual Battery, PC 243.4

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