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Hello, I’m Wais Azami


an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer and Personal Injury Attorney, based in Orange County California. Wais is pronounced with a long “i” like ice but with a “W” at the beginning. I serve most of SoCal communities.

I’m different from most other attorneys because of my background. My tough background is also one of my strongest attributes–I can actually relate to my clients and my community where their back is against the wall and giving up is not an option.

I’m an immigrant, almost trilingual, and I’ve always had to work hard to survive. My path to becoming a lawyer was anything but routine.  Having endured immigration, culture shock, language barriers, poverty, life-threatening medical procedures, different career fields, divorce and almost every other obstacle you can imagine, I am in a better position to be able to understand your predicament.

Your attorney is your representative, your mouthpiece.  And if we are going to speak on your behalf, we better be able to relate to you and be able to understand your situation. The attorneys who can relate to their clients are also better equipped to effectively represent them.

My hard life has not only made me more resilient and tough, but also more understanding and compassionate.

Whether you’ve been accused of a misdemeanor or are facing more serious charges, I am prepared to tirelessly fight for you. I don’t judge. I just go to war, because it’s your right.

Allow me a chance to speak with you. My first consultation is free and I look forward to answering your questions.

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Blue-collar fight with a white-collar style!

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