Petty Theft

California Petty Theft; Penal Code (PC) 488

Petty theft in California is the crime of larceny if the accused takes possession of someone else’s property without that person’s permission and takes the property (valued at $400 or less) for a duration long enough that the owner would have been denied its value or enjoyment. The petty theft charge is also a crime of moral turpitude for those who are not yet U.S. citizens. Thus, it is not exactly a simple or petty theft case.

If the value of the item is over $400 but up to $950, it’ll be charged as Penal Code 484, theft. It’s usually PC 484(a).

Law Office of Wais Azami in Garden Grove is located in the heart of Orange County for your convenience. We routinely defend simple larceny, petty theft, and shoplifting cases. Attorney Azami’s compassion, attention to detail, understanding are second to none. Even small cases can have huge ramifications.  We handle every case as though it’s the biggest case.

Mr. Azami consistently receives top reviews and top awards for his outstanding work as one of the best Garden Grove petty theft lawyers within Orange County.  Many of his reviews are written by clients who had been either ignored by other attorneys or overcharged by other attorneys. Mr. Azami did not turn his back. He took the case and fought all the way, whether it was a petty theft charge or felony robbery.

It is very important to find a local petty theft attorney if you live in the Santa Ana, Anaheim, Midway City, Westminster, or Cypress area of SoCal. Local petty theft case attorneys are more familiar with local judges, their propensities, and the general ways of doing business in the court to help facilitate your case.

My practice helps both citizens and immigrants with their criminal cases.  The majority of cases involve simple misdemeanors and low-level felonies where good people got caught up in a tough situation. Typical cases are; shoplifting, DUI’s, drug possessions, drug paraphernalia, domestic violence, theft, burglary, assault, battery, driving without a license, driving on a suspended license, domestic battery, sexual assault, outstanding warrants, failure to appear, probation violation, indecent exposure, sex with a minor (under-aged person), felony evasion, resisting arrest, weapons, weapons possession, discharge of firearms within city limits, attempt crimes, leaving the scene of an accident, hit and run, conspiracy, solicitation, prostitution, sex cases, drug cases, and much more. Call the number below for a same-day evaluation or consolations.

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